Monday, October 12, 2020

Civics Vs, Politics

I wasn’t going to blog here this week. I'd fully intended to do some work on my, sorely neglected, food blog. I had the art ready and the layout mapped. I simply had to buckle down and write the piece.  Yet, between the COVID-19 pandemic and a FUBAR election, I just haven't been able to care about the latest burger to hit the fast food market.

Still, I was going to crank a piece out, today, on burger commercials which turned me off.  Then I awoke this morning to the sound of Sen. Ben Sasse giving his opening statement in the confirmation hearing for Judge Any Coney Barret.
Subject: United States Senator Ben Sasse | Date: 01/02/2015 | Source: Official photo of United States Senate |This United States Senate image is in the public domain.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said, “I’d like to just remind us of the distinction between civics and politics. Civics is the stuff we’re all supposed to agree on regardless of our policy view differences.  Civics is another way we talk about the rules of the road. Civics 101 is the stuff like, ‘Congress writes laws, the executive branch enforces laws, courts apply them.’   Politics is the stuff that happens underneath civics. Civics is the overarching stuff we as Americans agree in common.”

I agree with him.  OK, he was referring to Presidents and Senators stacking ideologically compatible Justices onto The Supreme Court.  Yet, his words can, and should, apply to the ire bubbling just below the surface of our country. 

Passionate proponents from both ends of the political spectrum have increasingly protested, rioted, and clashed over the past four years.  If riots weren't destructive enough, there have been whispers of election results not being accepted and possible civil war breaking out.

Even with emotions running high, such a conflict can be avoided.  To do so, We the people  have to be civic minded enough to be Americans first and party members second.  We the people  have to relearn the art of the compromise in order to conduct business and make our country work.

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