Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hope For A Burning World


I haven't posted here for a while.  I've been working on a political piece about the systematic erosion of our constitution, but I find myself not caring about the subject at the moment. 

|Subject: Conditions outside Newburg, Oregon home during wild fires | Date: 09/09/2020 | Photographer: Kyle Jordan |

Crimson clouds of smoke have filled Oregon skies, carrying with them blankets of thick ash.  Flames have devoured Cherry Grove & Detroit, Oregon as several other populations listen for evacuation orders they pray will never be issued. 

As series of wildfires (some caused by accident, some not) has gripped the entire west coast in fear. 

With two months to go until the general election, I expected to be writing a myriad of political pieces designed to help oust Trump from the White House.  Yet, right now all I can think  about is how little that stuff matters. 

While partisan power brokers are busily tossing campaign slogans back & forth, everyday people are doing everything the can to help their neighbors during a genuine time of crisis.  I only have to glance at my Facebook feed to see notice after notice from people offering to open their homes to people with nowhere else to go.  They're offering food, shelter, and basic first aid to people in need. 

No  one cares who's a democrat and who's a republican, or which  God somebody worships.  None of that matters right now, if it ever really did.  People are simply helping people.  That simple fact and glorious truth gives me hope for the future of our country. 

In about eight weeks our leaders will be vying for power and challenging results.  Meanwhile, everyday people will be showing kindness, mercy, and generosity to one another.  When I look at the flag from now on, I won't see it as a symbol of politics or political leaders spouting promises and skewed truths.  From now on, my eyes will see a representation of a compassionate populace I can take pride in belonging to.

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