Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Sale of GOP's Soul Costs Us All

Historically, the GOP has stood for a fundamentalist Christian view of morality. They put a high value on chastity, honesty, individual liberty, and rule of law. I’ve often disagreed with them on policy, but respected their Joe Friday-esc adherence to law & order. I can’t anymore.
| Subject: Senator Mitch McConnell | Date: 01/23/2009 |
| Photographer: United States Senate Employee |
| This photograph was taken by an employee of the
United States Senate and therefore is in the public domain. |
| Altered by me with Devil horns and beard |
Since he was inaugurated in 2016, Republican lawmakers have bent over backwards to support and defend a president known for lying, showing flagrant disrespect to minorities, and grabbing women by the hoohaw. Under the leadership of Mitch McConnel, the Republican controlled Senate has voted to end President Trump's trial without the inclusion of any evidence from witnesses and/or documents. So, why have they abandoned, even the pretense, of valuing the law?

Party loyalty doesn't explain their decision to crumple up the constitution like a used candy wrapper and chuck it into the wastepaper basket. While John McCain was still alive, Trump verbally beat the man like a rented mule, making fun of; his cancer, his war record as a POW in Vietnam, and his voting record in the United States Senate. Party loyalty didn't enter into it.

Trump delivered a package of tax cuts. Households making more than $480,050 will pay 2.6% less in income tax, while corporations will enjoy a 14% dip in their tax rate (21% down from 35%). In exchange for these cuts, and naming conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the bench, Senator McConnell and company have pledged unconditional loyalty to Donald Trump.

I wouldn't mind if the stain was only on the Republican Party, but it's not. For well over two centuries, the United States of America has been a shining example of a working democracy. The sale of the GOP’s soul has cost us all our reputation around the world.

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