Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Thoughts On Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao

Boxing gloves representing Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao
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I'll admit it, I was wrong. I NEVER thought Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao would finalize a deal.  The powers that be have been trying to put this fight together for six years.  However, not wanting to jeopardize his undefeated record, Floyd found ways to put the kibosh on the match-up.

First he wanted Pacquiao to take a fight day drug test.  When Pacquiao refused Floyd tried to imply Manny was trying to cover up drug use.  Yet, he, undoubtedly, knew Pacquiao couldn't accept such a condition, even before he asked. Boxing insiders and aficionados understand that drawing blood on fight day can leave a boxer weak and sore, handicapping him during the fight.

Then he wouldn't sign a deal, saying he didn't want boxing promoter, Bob Arum, to get a cut of the ticket and Pay-Per-View sales.  Since Floyd would have been guaranteed a multi-million dollar purse, it's hard to picture him caring about who else got a cut. Of course, this is a guy who beat up his wife as his body guards made his kids watch, then tried to sue the jail for not allowing his personal chef to cook for him, so anything's possible.

The nonsense ended this January when Manny publicly confronted Floyd a an NBA basketball game.  The on camera confrontation lead to an all night hotel room meeting and a May 2nd fight date, with an expected pay day of $100 million for each fighter.

On May 2nd fans, with $5,000 for a cheap seat, or $90 for the Pay-Per-View, will be witness to, arguably, the most important fight to take place in the last decade.  It's on EVERYBODY's mind, and has already been analyzed by experts umpteen times.  It's the kind of fight celebrities such as Lorne Greene and Frank Sinatra used to don tuxedos to attend.

Even though it is a big fight, the price to watch it irks me.  Football fans don't have to spend major money to watch the Super Bowl on TV.  Baseball fans can watch their World Series for free.  Being the curmudgeon that I am, I've been determined not spend $90 for the Floyd vs. Manny fight.  Even if I was rich, I wouldn't reward the powers that be for nickel & diming boxing fans.

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Luckily, my local Buffalo Wild Wings is taking $20 reservations for the fight.  I secured my $20 spot the first morning such reservations were made available.  If I wasn't the first person in Beaverton to reserve a seat, I was the second.  Granted, I'll probably drop the $70, I saved, on wings, fried pickles, and beer, but at least the money won't be going to the chiselers.

The best part of the upcoming fight, is that it proves that having a belt/title at stake isn't what makes a fight big.  OK, each boxer holds a welterweight title, and the WBC has designated a special Diamond Belt just for this fight, which makes the WBC look even more ridiculous than they already look.  People aren't focused on the belts though.  Fans simply want to see, once and for all which titan is dominant.

Each week, I try to pick a series of boxing winners in a free boxing pool/challenge. I'm taking Pacquiao in the challenge on May 2nd.  I actually think Mayweather will control the pace of the fight and win a decision. However, I can't sit there with my friends, bar food, and a beer and cheer for Floyd.  I'd rather root for Manny and take a ding on my challenge percentage.


  1. Good perspective James...Nice throwback to the glory days with mention of Sinatra and Greene wearing Tuxes back when big time fights were and event to look your best at

    1. Thanks, let's hope this will be another Ali vs. Frazier.