Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Can't Like Everything

I'm a red blooded 21st century American, and as a red blooded 21st century American I
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spend a good deal of time on Facebook.  Many of my Facebook friends post benign tidbits featuring recipes, TV/movie updates, celebrity gossip, and other dinner party safe topics.

However, some of my friend are civic minded people who keep their fingers on the political and moral pulse of the world. These friends will post news and op-ed pieces on gay marriage, war, crimes against humanity, global warming, and other socially aware topics.

Being a friend, I like to comment on friends' posts whenever possible, it's a pretty interesting way to start a conversation.  There are times though, when I tired or pressed for time.  During these times, I like to read the ten most current posts and click "Like" to let my friends know I took the time to read what they took the time to post.  It's the polite thing to do.

The Liking shortcut works well for the more run of the mill posts.  I can like the fact that Jim Parsons (Big Bang's Sheldon Cooper) received a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame, and I can like a recipe for bacon covered turkey.  Liking those things is pretty socially and morally safe.

However, when a friend posts news about college students being massacred, or a 15 year old sex slave being locked in a coffin full of spiders for not delivering "service" with a smile, clicking Like can be interpreted as condoning slavery, torture, and murder.   It feels icky and creepy to like such posts.

Facebook needs to add a "Don't Like," or "Acknowledged," button as a reply option.  Such a button would indicate I read the information and I agree the situation blows chunks.  It would be a way for readers to give a quick nod to the poster without saying, "Gee, I like the fact that those kids are dead."

What do you think?

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