Saturday, February 6, 2010

Never Quite Done

One time honored writing truism states, “a book is never ‘done’.” To paraphrase Maureen Johnson, author of Suite Scarlet, if there were no deadlines, writers would never send work to publishers because they’d never stop polishing it.

She’s right. Just today, I learned there was a real bill called “The Defense of Marriage Act.” Grrr, I'd fire my research staff if I weren't its sole member. Thus, I had to go back through my first book and change the name of the proposed legislation to “The Marriage Clarification Act.” It sounds like a small detail, I know, but since the proposed legislation is a possible motive for the murder, I had to make sure it didn’t share a title with something that’s already been passed into law. I guess it’s a small, very small, blessing I’m not published yet.

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