Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Greg Oden's Apology - Micro Blog

In news from Oregon, Greg Oden, Trail Blazers’ first round draft pick in 2007, has apologized for… Actually, I’m not entirely sure what he apologized for. A few years ago he used his cell phone to take nude pictures of himself & sent them to his, then, girlfriend. This week the pictures, which he thought were private, made their way on to the internet. Now, he’s apologizing. HE’S apologizing?

People typically apologize when they’ve done something wrong. Taking nude pictures of yourself and sending them to a lover is admittedly kinky, even dirty, but wrong? What did he do that numerous others haven’t done? What rule/law did he break? In my opinion, the sleaze who made the pictures public should apologize to Greg Oden, but Oden himself doesn’t need to apologize to anyone.

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