Sunday, November 3, 2019

Quid Pro Quo

Publicly Traded MEME
I haven't written a political blog since late September. “Why?” you ask. I’m glad you asked. I haven't talked politics for a while simply because I’ve had nothing worthwhile to say.

I know, I know, everyone is all excited about the possibility of impeachment. I don't get worked up over the prospect of impeachment for the same reason I don't cheer for the Washington Generals when they play against the Harlem Globetrotters. The result is a foregone conclusion.

For the boys and girls without score cards, here's what's going to happen. The Democratically controlled House Of Representatives will hold hearings to impeach, making sure every word of the quid pro quo (a favor for a favor) phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky is on the record. Of course, they’ll vote to impeach, for the record. Mitch McConnell won’t put the issue before the Senate, so Trump won’t be removed from office.

At best, the Democrats will have the details of “the call” on the official record just before the general election.

What's interesting isn’t the content of the call, but President Trump’s behavior after the fact. He’s admitted to holding a weapons shipment back from the Ukraine unless the Ukrainian government agreed to investigate Biden’s son. Yet, he also claims he’s done nothing wrong. In this one instance, I don't think he’s lying.

In the world of business, if you have something someone wants you propose a trade for it. It’s how he was raised to think about business and the world. I don't think he's able to separate the world of business from the world of public service in his mind. He did what he’s always done, he proposed a trade. I honestly don’t think he understands that what he did was wrong.

Everyone outside the president’s immediate sphere of influence understands he broke the law, and broke it in a way our founding fathers specifically wanted to prevent. Be that as it may, he’s too well protected to be ousted from office for his crimes.

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