Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I Don't Usually Agree With Trump, But....

On September 5th, 2018, an op-ed piece appeared in the New York Times entitled, "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration".  According to the piece, the author is part of a "resistance" dedicated to covertly undermining the president, from within the White House.

 Mr Donald Trump New Hampshire Town Hall
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When I first read about this the Star Wars fanboy in me  was thrilled.  I had visions of a noble rebellion working to undermine the evil emperor.  However, as I thought about it the romantic illusion quickly wore off.

Like it, or not, Donald Trump was elected to the office of President.  While his policies are, in my opinion, harmful to the point of being evil, he was legally elected.  Whoever wrote the article was not elected to undermine him.

According to the article,  this person has stolen documents off the president's desk before they could be signed into law.   We don't know what else this person has done to covertly circumvent the president's authority.

Whether you like Trump, or not, the idea of a covert operative taking it upon themselves to work against the office of the President is down right scary.  No matter who holds the office there will be people who don't agree with him.  Even if we don't respect the man, we have to respect the office, or the whole the system falls apart.

Flip it around, there were alot of people that did not agree with Obama either.  If someone had worked against him from within the office, that too would have been wrong.  We live in a country of laws.  If society is to function we can not pick and choose which laws we will obey and which laws we will disregard.  Nor, can we tolerate being governed by those who would work from the shadows, taking it upon themselves to substitute their own wisdom in place of the intentions of our elected officials.

I for one believe Donald Trump is a dangerous President who is doing our country real harm.  However, if we want him out of office we have to work within the system.  This November, we have the opportunity to elect a democratically controlled congress.  If we succeed, there's every reason to believe that  Donald Trump will be impeached legally.  We don't need, or desire, a resistance movement working outside the law. Those doing so should be held accountable.

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