Monday, June 18, 2018

I Find Myself Torn

 Mr Donald Trump New Hampshire Town Hall
Subject: Mr Donald Trump New Hampshire Town Hall | Date: 08/19/2015 | Photographer: Michael Vadon |This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.
Like all good liberals I've been watching Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign for over a year. I've been cheering Mueller along, "Get him! Lock Trump up." However, I've come to wonder when is enough enough.

So far, the investigation has resulted in twenty indictments and five guilty pleas. Most recently, Paul Manafort had his bail revoked for asking witnesses to lie.

The actions of Donald Trump and those around him are actions of guilty people trying to avoid the law. The liberal in me wants them to be held accountable. The liberal in me wants Mueller to uncover every little secret so Russia can never again influence our election.

The realist in me has a different take on things. Like it or not, 30 states cast their electoral votes for Donald Trump. Donald Trump won the election. Ever since the results came in, people have been trying to analyze the election. Multiple books have been written trying to explain why Trump won. A large portion of America is in a state of denial, unable to believe that a non-politician won the election for our country's highest office.

We could analyze until the cows come home, but like it or lump it, the man won. He won. Do I like it? No. I think he is a selfish, heartless brute with no understanding about how the government works. But he's our president.

I keep having flashbacks to the Obama administration. During those eight years, the GOP did almost nothing but try to nail Obama with some kind of charge. They tried to claim he was not born in America, therefore he was ineligible to hold the office of President.  Then there was the claim he was working with al-Queda to overthrow our country. I remember thinking how un-American they were for going after Obama instead of trying to compromise with him to get actual work done.

OK, the charges against Trump's campaign hold a bit more water than the conspiracy theories involving Obama, but I'm not sure the actions of today's Democrats are any more American than the actions of yesterday's Republicans.

Some people argue that if we can make a charge stick against Donald Trump, that he'll lose the next election. While that may be true, I believe he'll lose on his job performance alone.

Forget the fact that he practically tripped over himself in a mad rush to boot millions of people off Obamacare. Forget the fact that Donald gravitates toward dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un,  while simultaneously alienating democratically elected leaders of traditional allies. Forget all that. Well don't forget it, but put it aside for a moment.

This man, this bastion of morality, has succeeded in institutionalizing child abuse. Under Trump, the federal government is taking children for parents seeking asylum. The children are being housed in a series of mass housing facilities. One such facility is an outdoor tent city, which can be found in Tornillo, Texas where the temperature routinely reaches 100 degrees or more. If the living conditions weren't spartan enough, staff members at these Gulags aren't allowed to hug or comfort the, already scared and confused children.

If this inhumane treatment of children isn't enough, all by itself, to defeat Trump in 2020, then America deserves what it gets. No joke. If the Democrats can't nominate Mickey Mouse and win in a landslide, people aren't paying attention.

Do I think The Donald broke the law?  Yes I do.  Do I think we should keep the investigation going in the hope of nailing the President?  I'm just not sure.  I don't want him to skate, but Mueller could investigate for another year and only ever make cases against Trump's capos.  Sometimes the top dog evades formal charges and dies of old age while spraying insecticide on his grape vines with his grandson.

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