Monday, March 19, 2018

Treating Our Children Like Shit

We're demeaning our kids.  Don't believe me?  Well, let me clue you in.  The newest toy fad is based on scat play.  No,  I'm not referring to the "bee bop boop" croonings of Mel Tormé.  I mean we're structuring play around simulated shit.

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Perhaps the most disgusting embodiment of this sickening trend is the toy line Poopeez.  To quote Poopeez's own Facebook page, "Welcome to the world of Kerplopolis, where it is cool to be number two! Let’s get the potty started with TP, Pooji, Dumpling the Ninja Turd, Skidmark, Lil’ Squirt and the Toot Fairy as they drop-in and take adventures across Kerplopolis! Anything can happen as our heroes go about their potty business with their fellow poopizens. Its all POO-TASTIC fun with the Poopeez coming soon to a store near you!"

This toy line not only has its own website and a Facebook page, but they also have a YouTube channel, where people can watch cartoons based on these characters.

While Poopeez is the most over the top example of this trend, they're not alone. You can also buy your kids a game where they hold their face over a toilet bowel and spin a toilet paper shaped spinner  to tell them how many times they have to flush. If one of the flushes makes the toilet bowel squirt the water into their face, they lose the game. In a similar game, one must spin to see how many times they have to pull the monkey's finger. If a pull makes the monkey fart, they lose.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a "live and let live kind of guy." If you believe in a different God than I do, or no God at all,  no problem. If you have to be tied down and spanked to get your juices flowing,  I'm cool with that too. It takes all kinds. But can we all agree that we should teach our children not to play with fecal matter? Can we all agree on that? That should be parenting 101 along with "Don't stick your tongue in a light socket."

These games teach kids to wallow in shit. Once you teach them that, it's hard to teach them self respect. If they don't respect themselves, how can you teach them to respect those around them? Without respect for others, is there any wonder that some of them find its easy to shoot up schools and malls? What do they care? They have no respect for life.

I'm not saying that these toys are the one and only cause of what's been going on. However, they do add to the problem. It's true back in the day we had Betsy Wetsy, which was a baby doll that wet her diaper.  Said doll was designed to teach little girls a life skill so they could be good moms. Holding your face over a toilet bowl waiting to be doused with toilet water doesn't teach kids anything but that they deserve to be doused with toilet water. The game is demeaning not constructive.

I'm not trying to be a poop, but let's keep this shit away from our children.

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