Monday, June 26, 2017

The Most Vulnerable Among Us


Subject: Disabled Americans "Die In" To Protest Trumpcare
It's has been said that "the measure of a nation is the way it cares for its most vulnerable citizens." If that's true, then we are about to fail the test.

As I write this Republican Senators are busy drafting a bill which will cut 800 billion dollars from Medicaid while giving 7 million dollar tax cuts to the wealthiest families in America.

One might argue that these cuts will not hurt anyone.  POPPYCOCK! Historically speaking, few noble acts have been planned behind locked doors.  When Michael Corleone shut his wife out of his office, he was not hatching philanthropic schemes. Usually, if you need to hide what you do, you know you're doing something evil.

Last Thursday when the details of the bill were finally made public, sixty disabled people parked their wheelchairs in the Senate halls and in Mitch McConnell's office to protest the deep cuts to disability services, child health care, prenatal care, elder care, addiction treatment and other services that millions of people depend on for their survival.  Rather than coming out to talk to them and directly addressing their issues, McConnell had them hauled off to jail.

Newscasters have said that such actions towards the weak or the disabled are unprecedented.  However this is not the case, they're simply not going back far enough.  These actions were common back in Sparta, where strong ruled and the weak and the disabled were cast into a large pit to die.  Before you say that this is a bad analogy, consider the fact that cancer patients without access to treatment, handicapped people without money for caregivers, and elderly people without money for nursing homes will all be made helpless to the whims of fate.  Many of these people WILL die without the proper help.

Next week we will celebrate America's birthday.  What will we be celebrating the birthday of?  Will we be celebrating the birthday of a country that comes together and supports each other or will we be celebrating the birthday of a country which is willing to sacrifice the lives of the weak in order to pad the pockets of the rich?  Only time will tell.

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