Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Lot Has Happened Since I Have Been Away

Due to health issues, I haven't blogged since June of last year. Things are only now starting to look up again. I am still not back to where I was but I am able to blog again. Much has happened while I have been away. So, in the immortal words f Ed Sullivan, "And away we go."
First and foremost, we had a real rip-roaring election which was a cross between the West Wing and WWE Wrestling. No kidding, we never knew what to expect. As I watched the flow of insults from my hospital bed, it killed me not to be able to blog about what was going on. I expect politicians to lie to some degree, the political lie is a time honored tradition. What caught me was how bad Trump was at it.

Seriously, Trump would be shown a clip of himself saying something, look right at the camera, and say, "I never said that." I don't mind politicians being a bit dishonest, but I would like them to be smart about it.

Somehow, this guy won the election and millions of jaws dropped. Now we're stuck with a president who has gutted the E.P.A., and whose idea of foreign policy is "I double-dog dare ya." He knows North Korea has nukes that can reach the west coast of the U.S. and he keeps poking them with a stick. I LIVE ON THE WEST COAST! STOP IT ALREADY!!

Let's ignore his policies for a moment, he can't do the job. He has not filled all the White House jobs, and the jobs he has filled he's filled mostly with unqualified people. His Chief Adviser, Bannon, is an ultra right wing pundit who has never worked in the political arena before. On top of that, his Secretary of Education does not believe in public education.

I am a very tolerant guy. Even when George W. Bush was in office I told people, "Even if you dislike the man, you have to respect the office." I can't do that with Trump, he's making a joke out of the office and he's going to get people killed, but by that time he'll have taken away their health care anyway. He literally makes Bush look like a genius.

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