Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2 A.M.


Subject: A shot of the glorious full moon that visited my Bible class on 09/08/14 | Photographers: Linda Waltmire |
I'm a great person at 2 a.m..  I stare at the ceiling's shadows, depicting borders of fictional nations, and ponder the events of the day.

I grimace at the thoughtless comment I made, eleven hours earlier, when my mental filter temporarily slipped into neutral.

Then I kick myself for watching YouTube's cheesy offerings when I could have been blogging, or emailing my friend after her knee surgery.

With closed eyes, I apologize to God for the prior day's deficits and faux pas, hoping to receive the continued gift of grace.

Upon ending the prayer, I earnestly vow, as God as my witness, to; break my bad habits, double my work output, pay better attention to the fabulous people in my life, and budget my resources better.  And, HOLY HUCKLEBERRIES, I SINCERELY MEAN EVERY WORD!

3 a.m. arrives, and with comfortable slumber my brain slips back into default.

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