Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Big Questions

Faith/Science Comparison
Subject: Faith/Science Comparison | Source: Lani Kai Akers' Facebook Feed |

This morning a friend of mine posted this cartoon on Facebook.  It's a humorous attempt to point out the fallacy of religious thought and promote the value of scientific thought.  The graphic got me thinking about the age old debate.  Rigid scientists tend to label the devout as being ignorant and superstitious, while some religious zealots think of scientists as heretics.

I've wrestled with the question of science versus faith for years, decades even.  After much reflection, I don't think it has to be an either/or kind of thing. As I see it, science tries to explain HOW the universe works, and faith tries to explain WHY. They're different approaches to different questions.

Science can; tell us how atoms react, map the functions of the human body, and let us see galaxies light years away.  Faith, on the other hand, can answer the moral questions and put our existence into some kind of perspective.

Now some people are about to call me a heretic, and other people are about to call me ignorant, but by my way of thinking, claiming we're here by the happenstance of a cosmic explosion is just as outlandish as not getting a child medical help in the hope God will cure him/her.  

Balance is necessary if truth is to be realized.

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