Thursday, December 18, 2014

Metamorphosis Of The Season

As I've said before, I'm a touch on the frugal side. Don't misunderstand, I don't hoard cash and deprive myself by limiting my diet to nightly broth and bread the way a certain Dickens character did. I like to eat well and enjoy life, but I hate to waste money in silly ways. Mass produced Christmas cards are things I hate spending money on, especially with the knowledge they'll be stuffed in boxes or thrown in trash cans just after the beginning of the new year. Yet, I feel its important to remember the people in my life during the holidays.

Fortunately, I'm creatively inclined. Thus, for the past 20 some years I've been making my own Christmas cards complete with a new Christmas poem. Last Saturday, I finished the poem for this year's card. Hope you like it.

Candle Candle

Metamorphosis Of The Season

A tiny star once hung against an ebony night sky,
Three kings caught the glimmer from the corner of their eye.
Upon camels they followed the light to stalls of sheep,
And found a new baby lying in hay, fast asleep.

An angel came from on high and blew a mighty horn,
To let bystanders know the king of the Jews had been born.

Today crooners sing of jolly times and cold weather,
As hordes brave traffic bringing families together.
Roasted chestnuts and eggnog wait for us by the fire,
Wrapped packages sit beneath the tree for us to admire.

What began with a birth, a holy gift from above,
Morphed into a season of joy, merriment, and love.

Candle Candle


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