Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blogging Dilemmas

Blogging is a tricky thing.  A good blogger wants to say things about the world, but doesn’t want to simply regurgitate what the mass media has already said.  It’s for this reason that I haven’t blogged lately.
  • Recently, I was thrilled to see Judge McShane overturn Oregon's Constitutional prohibition of gay marriage.  Some claimed McShane over stepped his bounds by overturning the will of the majority. 
I wanted to point out that majority rule has never been seen as a substitute for constitutional principles.  The Southern majority was in favor of school segregation, a ban on interracial marriage, literacy tests for voters, and other Jim Crow laws, but those laws were overturned because they were in direct opposition to the principles our Constitution is based on.  Unfortunately, a number of pundits beat me to the punch, so I didn’t feel like I could write that blog.

  • Similarly, I wanted to question the wisdom of a candidate for Senate preaching against ObamaCare in liberal Oregon.
Before I could comment on the tactic, the candidate in question was revealed to have stalked her, one time, boyfriend.  Then, during a debate in Portland, the candidate, and doctor by trade, publicly stated her support for government sanctioned torture of terror suspects.  Suddenly, anything I could’ve said about her campaign message, regarding healthcare, seemed trivial by comparison.

  • I wanted to say something about the girls from Chibok who were kidnapped by terrorists.
Everyone’s talking about the tragedy, but no one really knows anything, at least publicly.  If a covert op is in the works, we wouldn’t know it.  With the amount of conflicting information circulating through the media, I couldn’t say anything remotely intelligent on the subject.
Being an engaged learned person, I have opinions on a variety of topics.  The trick is in being able to say something which isn’t already being said.

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