Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winter Cold

I'M BACK!  Well... sorta.

It's been a trying few weeks.  First, my computer went to Geek Squad for a week, where it was diagnosed with 239 viruses.  I got my computer back just in time to catch a virus of my own.   I'm still under the weather, but felt the need to write SOMETHING while I still remember how.

Here's a poem I was inspired to write, in between sneezes and coughs, today.
Winter Cold
 photo snow4.jpg
| Title: Snow outside my door | Date: 02/08/2014 |
| Photographers: James Kiester |
This picture was taken by the author of this blog.

Outside my frosted window,
Oppressively thick snow silently covers,
The normally pedestrian landscape.
As I watch the frigid bombardment,
Of seasonal of atmospheric fury,
My body miserably expels germ ridden sludge,
From a variety of bodily orifices.
Aches and soggy tissues,
Tint the otherwise pristine winter show,
Into tempestuous shades of incarcerating weight.

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