Sunday, September 29, 2013

America Held Hostage

moneyToday, House Republicans announced that they will only pass a federal budget, allowing the federal government to stay open, if President Obama agrees to delay implementation of The Affordable Care Act for one year.

The New York Times says the announcement "all but assured that large parts of the government would be shuttered as of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday." House Speaker John Boehner, and Tea Party confederates, are about to shut down the government.

Such a shut down will cause millions of Americans to lose access to vital services (disability payments, Social Security checks, heating subsidies, military pay, food stamps, etc...).  Additionally, hundreds of thousands of public servants will go unpaid just as a multitude of rent checks and mortgage payments are due.

These hardships, and subsequent economic downward spiral, are being threatened in order to keep affordable health care beyond the grasp of 30 million needy Americans. Word it any other way you want, the bottom line is the GOP is willing to damage the economy, and jeopardize the financial future of countless Americans, in order to deprive the working poor of affordable doctor visits and prescription medication.

I can only speculate about the GOP's underlying motives, but since I don't want to risk a charge of libel, I won't speculate, about what I think their motives are, here.  I will say, I think their actions are unamerican.  Keep in mind, they're not trying to keep a proposed bill from passing, they're threatening the livelihood of millions of people in order to prevent a law, which is already on the books, from helping the most vulnerable among us.


  1. Hi there James - thanks for posting, this hits the nail right on the head. I am linking to this on the Hillsdale Facebook page.