Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple Yard - A Verse

Each evening, weather permitting, I take a thirty minute stroll to put some fresh air into my lungs and clear my head.  The following verse has been inspired by an actual yard I pass each night on those strolls.
Apple Yard

The sharp sweet bite of alcohol assaulted J’s nostrils as he passed the chrome mesh fence.   Through the links J could clearly see piles of, what had been fresh Red Delicious Apples, now brown wrinkled corpses of neglected fruit; their once sugary juices fermenting unchecked.

Dangling above the mounds of rot, J saw bright red orbs of delectable produce awaiting their wasted fate.   Pangs teased his stomach.  He smacked his lips at the thought of  plundering the otherwise unwanted treasure.  Yet, a gleaming white sign promised prosecution of all those who traversed the fence.

J continued down the lonely road, the smell fading slowly from his weary senses.

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