Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Stand Off - Micro Blog

As I watch the stand off between occupiers & police, on 3rd & Main, I can hear the following West Side Story-esc back & forth going on in my head.
Occupiers: The occupiers are gonna have their day, Tonight. The occupiers are gonna have their way, Tonight. The city officials grumble, 'obey us,' but if they start to move in, we'll put up a fuss.

Cops: We're gonna hand'em a surprise, Tonight. We're gonna cut'em down to size, Tonight. We said 'OK no rumpus, no tricks,' but just in case they jump us, we're ready to mix, Tonight.

Occupiers: We're gonna rock it tonight. We're gonna jazz it up, and have us a ball.

Cops: They're gonna get it tonight. The more they turn it on, the harder they'll fall.

Occupiers: Well they began it.

Cops: Well they began it.

Occupiers & Cops: And we're the ones to stop'em once and for all, Tonight.
Whether, or not, the movement will disband peacefully, remains to be seen.

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