Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer's End

Last year I posted a poem about the coming of autumn. Today I'm posting a poem of mine about the end of summer.

Summer's End

A fluffy white blanket covers the familiar blue,
Of hot lazy days spent trading comic books and sliding into home plate.
Sporadic spits of rain slowly erase streets of chalk,
Which once carried busy bicycles racing to and from make believe shops.

Naked sticks of brittle wood are all that remain of,
Fruity frozen confections of sticky juice which decorated small lips.
School books replace tales of heroic adventures in heavy
Nap sacks of students trying to find their way from home room their next class.

Sweaters hand on bodies once adorned in light tank tops,
As boots incase previously sandaled feet sprinkled in cool beach sand.
Thoughts of clear nights spent star gazing as bug zappers snap,
Morph into aspirations of full meals and rich holiday suppers.

Colored leaves smother previously soft green grass blades,
As we prepare for the cold short days and long nights which lie just ahead.

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