Sunday, October 24, 2010

Five For Fall

On Friday, one of my blogging friends, known only as Folly, asked her blog readers to list their five favorite things about autumn. I clicked reply and began to list foliage, macaroni & cheese, etc… I stopped, looked at what I was writing, and realized I was delivering a cliché string of pat answers which could easily be regurgitated by ANY high functioning second grader. Folly’s my friend, and I’m a writer, so I told myself I could do better.

I thought about it most of that night and the next morning, but still had nothing of consequence to report. All else having failed, I did one of the things I do best. I went shopping.

The sky was completely gray with thick ominous looking clouds. While rain only fell in sporadic trickles, gusts of crisp cool wind promised a more vigorous weather system would hit before the day’s end. Heading down Baseline Road, the foliage displayed intense yellows, oranges, and reds so fiery one might have suspected they were spray painted.

Cinnamon scented pine cones, which are perfuming my desk as I write this, were the first items to be purchased. Also on the list were veggies for roasting with fresh rosemary; carrots, potatoes, and cippolini onions; hard apple cider, pork cutlets; cranberry beans, bacon, kale, and mini pasta for a rich soup; candy corns, and an array of other less interesting items. Going from the car to the store and back, allowed the brisk wind to slap my face and rejuvenate me, and made me grateful for my thick hunting socks and winter coat.

That evening, as I enjoyed roast beef in a savory brown gravy and listened to the hard rain pound the shingles of the roof, I realized why the list had previously eluded me. Until my shopping trip, I hadn’t really experienced fall yet this year. I’d read and bookmarked fall recipes, changed my desktop’s wallpaper to display autumn foliage, and performed other seasonal tasks, but none of it was the same as being out in the weather of the season.

My List

1. Fall Foliage
- As cliché as it sounds, the vibrant colors of the leaves dispense a beauty and a drama virtually unmatched by man-made art.

2. Fall Clothes - Thick warm socks, big coats, and sweaters hug us in a warm and cozy embrace.

3. Comfort Foods - As wool, denim, canvas, and leather warm our outer selves aromatic meats, roasted root vegetables, gravies, soups, stews, and bubbly hot concoctions featuring cheese keep our innards toasty warm and happy.

4. Hard Cider - While I’m typically a wine person, the crisp bite and tang of apples and pears is a pleasant treat of the season.

5. The Weather - In addition to giving us ample cause to dig out those fall clothes and to allow that soup to simmer, the weather arouses us with brisk breezes, and awakens gratitude within in us as we listen to the pitter patter of drops from inside our comfortable homes.

Honorary Mention - Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones, Candy Corn, Trick or Treaters on Halloween, and Thanksgiving.


  1. Should not be taken in any particular order, but just thought-streaming:

    1) My Garnet Hill flannel sheets that are like chamois.

    2) Warm jackets that I love, but have been hanging in the closet, just waiting for Autumn.

    3) No longer having to water the lawn. The house came with a lawn and until we do something about the lawn (I would like it gone), we water it in Summer.

    4) Appreciating the sun more than ever when it does show its face

    5) Comfort food

  2. I love it! I will have to think about my five because I really dont like fall that much. =) But you know that. Beautiful post though.