Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Odds & Ends

When one gets sick, motivation to do anything, except watch TV & Youtube, pretty much abandons a person. I'm just beginning to feel like myself again, so I thought I'd write a blog in order to get my writing juices flowing again. However, the topics on my mind have either been done to death by the media already, or wouldn't be enough fill a page. Thus, I'm taking a page from my friend, Alizabeth's, playbook by touching on a few unrelated topics.
We all know, of course, about the run away oil gusher of the coast of New Orleans. Whether or not BP is liable, or the government failed to inspect things before issuing licenses are topics I'll gladly leave to CNN & MSNBC. It's the opportunistic gouging that bothers me. Yes, the polluted environment thing bothers me too, but it's the price gouging that will effect the greatest number of Americans. While seafood from the Gulf region makes up 2 percent of seafood on the American market, prices are predicted to sky rocket over the next year in response to the oil disaster. A 2 percent loss does not a shortage make.
I could regurgitate a thousand other editorials, and express my outrage over Arizona's migration law. Why bother though? I mean really, the first time a Hispanic citizen is hauled in for jogging without carrying I.D., the courts are going to strike this thing down. It can't last.

Keep in mind though, people don't go overboard while trying to solve nonexistent problems. Illegal immigration is a criminal act, which needs to be curtailed. We simply have to find a way to address the problem without infringing on the rights of legal citizens of any race.
Obama's administration has come out in support of legislation which would make it legal to arrest & question "terror suspects" without reading them their rights. I'm a huge supporter of law enforcement, but come on people. Really? If I rob Safeway with a shot gun and scare, or terrorize, everyone in the store, does the newly proposed law apply to me? No? Are you sure? OK, what if the suspect of the robbery is from Pakistan and his third cousin belongs to Al-Qaeda? What then?
Finally, on a note closer to home, I must confess to being somewhat lazy. Portland is a food Mecca, boasting more chefs per capita than any other American city. Yet, when I eat out, I go to The Olive Garden and Red Robin. I need to hit some quality places as long as I'm living here. Thus, I've added the following list to my bucket list.

Restaurants I Want To Try

Helvetia Tavern - 10275 NW Helvetia Rd.
Ringside - 2165 W Burnside
Voodoo Donuts - 22 SW 3rd Ave.
Salvador Molly’s - 1523 SW Sunset Blvd.
Ringside - 2165 W Burnside
Blueplate - 308 SW Washington
Bunk Sandwiches - 621 SE Morrison
Pause Kitchen & Bar - 5101 North Interstate Ave.
Russell Street BBQ - 325 NE Russell St.
Mike’s Chile Parlor - 1447 North Ballard Way
Salumi Artisan Cured Meats - 309 3rd Ave S (butcher shop)

You'll notice none of these are 5 star dining places, but rather are places I've heard of which supposedly have exceptionally good every day food. In fact, I'm ashamed to admit, I wouldn't know about a few of these places if not for Food Network, and I've lived here for 40 years.


  1. I know I commented on this but no comment is here. Weird. I know I have a list of restraurants to try, but on it is definitely voodoo doughnuts. We need to meet there someday!