Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Something For The Holidays

.....OK I'll pony up, I'm a touch on the frugal side. Don't misunderstand, I don't hoard cash and deprive myself by limiting my diet to nightly broth and bread the way a certain Dickens character did. I like to eat well and enjoy life, but I hate to waste money in silly ways. Mass produced Christmas cards are things I hate spending money on, especially with the knowledge they'll be stuffed in boxes or thrown in trash cans just after the beginning of the new year. Yet, I feel its important to remember the people in my life during the holidays.

.....Fortunately, I'm creatively inclined. Thus, for the past 15 years I've been making my own Christmas cards complete with a new Christmas poem. Last Saturday, I finished the poem for this year's card. Hope you like it.


Ripped wrapping paper lies discarded,

Next to the prize it so lovingly kept safe.

Young eyes celebrate upon seeing the shiny blue train,

With gleaming red smoke stacks and coal black wheels.

A thousand possible journeys flood the young boy’s mind,

Each packed with excitingly heroic adventure.

Up and over mountains, through long stretches of barren desert,

Racing from town to town,

Delivering goods to clambering town folk,

Or bars of gold past desperate outlaws.

Yet, before the heroic engineer can deliver fuel to freezing settlers,

Or soldiers to their newly assigned post deep in Indian country,

He must first endure an all too ceremonial Christmas breakfast,

And wet kisses from aunts.


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